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Lance Chilton

sketch by Tom Rutherford

Lance first visited Greece in April 1982, travelling to Plakias in southern Crete. Following another visit to Plakias in April 1983, he initiated and led guided botanical walks there from 1984 onwards, for SunMed Holidays. After giving up the day job in an insurance office in Bristol, he lived in Heraklion, Crete, from 1987 to 1991, working on the administrative side of SunMed which became Redwing Holidays and then part of Owners’ Abroad (now First Choice).

Since setting up Marengo in 1993, he has been writing, drawing and publishing walk guide books and walk maps, and leading walks for the company. He has also led botanical and walks weeks for Cox & Kings, Holiday Pursuits, Inspirations, the International Dendrological Society, U3A and Wildlife Travel.